Bright sea foam – dark sky

I think this is an amazing photo:

Taken by 6k. Amazing colours and contrasts.

It has a sort of Paradise Lost feeling about it. Paradise is the beach. But the sky causes Paradise to be Lost, temporarily I trust.

I have a feeling 6k does quite a lot of photo-editing, based more on what he says than on how his photos actually look. For the good news is: you can’t tell for sure, just by looking at the photos. I don’t like it when you can tell for sure that there’s been lots of mucking about with a photo.

I do very little photo-editing, because I consider most of it to be cheating. The only thing I do quite a lot of is cropping, usually to cut out recognisable faces.

6k is not at his best right now, having recently been worse. Knee operation. Hope he gets well soon.

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One thought on “Bright sea foam – dark sky”

  1. 6k responds and I respond to 6k:


    Thanks for the kind words, Brian.

    I’m now (well, for the last year/18 months or so) shooting my images in RAW and using “proper”, “grown up” photo editing software to choose how they look, rather than letting the camera software decide how it thinks they should look as JPEGs.

    But happy that it shows only because I write about it rather than showing in the actual images; there’s certainly a limit to how much one should edit and image, IMHO.

    [anti-spam phrase for this comment is picture14 – someone is watching]

    Posted by 6000 on 09 April 2018


    Sadly I am waiting until the new blog happens, which it will any decade now, before getting a grip on spam. As of now, I just delete them. And close the comments.

    The pattern seems to be that once someone comments, even once, the pack descends.

    So, this thread is now closed. If you have anything to add about 6k’s photo-editing habits, email them to me, and I’ll add them here.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 09 April 2018

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