A face and some windows

My friends Perry and Adriana now live a short walk away from South Kensington tube. I can now get to them in about half an hour, compared to over an hour when they lived way along and just off Kings Road, and a solid bus ride away from any tube station.

And just as good, every time I now visit them to collect the Amazon purchases that they receive for me, as I did today, I get to see one of my favourite statues in London, the one of Bela Bartok. When I walk past that, I know I’m going the right way.

Trouble is, when I go past Bartok, the sunlight usually arrives on his back, and I get a photo like this:

Nice windows. Shame about the face.

So, inspired by the example of 6k (see below), I cranked up my photoshopclone and redid the photo so that I could see what the face consisted of:

Nice face. Shame about the windows.

You could probably combine the two, and make it: nice face, nice windows. You. Not me. That kind of thing just does not interest me enough to want to know how to do it. I wanted to see the face and I did. Mission accomplished.

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One thought on “A face and some windows”

  1. Michael J offered a good suggestion:


    Have you tried using flash?

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 01 February 2018


    It has never occurred to me to use flash out of doors, on a sunny day. But for this kind of thing, yes, it surely might work. Next time I’m there, on a sunny afternoon, I’ll try it.

    It says everything about how often I use flash that when I read the above comment, I thought that “flash” was some kind of programme or app, presumably for photo-editing. Then I realised that flash meant … flash.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 03 February 2018


    Our friend Alan Little once gave me advice, which was “Never use flash except in direct sunlight”. This is extremely good advice that goes against most people’s intuition as to what flash is for.

    Watch a professional wedding photographer in action some time, though.You will see a lot of flash being used, even in good light. For such a photographer, making sure people’s faces are properly illuminated is *very* important.

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 08 February 2018

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