Video cameras from yesteryear

Yesteryear as in: photoed by me ten years ago today:

Guesses (and I do mean guesses (though the guesses took me ages)) as to what they are, and when they were first manufactured:

Top left: Sharp Viewcam VL-AH151 camcorder – 2002

Top right: Sony DCR-DVD610 DVD Handycam2008 (doh!) 2007

Bottom left: Sony Handycam DCR-TRV265E – 2004

Bottom right: Samsung Sc-d363 Ntsc Camcorder Mini Dv 1200x – 2005

Regular still cameras from ten years ago look very dated. But things that look very like regular cameras used to look are still in use now, despite the rise of smartphone photoing. They’re just a lot better.

Video cameras from ten years ago, on the other hand, now look absurdly, wildly, ludicrously dated. This is because they are (a) often much bigger than almost any cameras are now, and (b) have been pretty much entirely replaced by smartphones, which are tiny.

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