Big Things in line (with pylon)

It’s looks like this week is going to be quota photos all the way, while I try to recover from my lurgy.

Here’s the latest, another in my series of Great Photos Taken Adequately. If you are a Real Photographer who wants to go and take this shot properly, I’m pretty sure that the place to go is Low Hall Sports Ground, which I got to from Blackhorse Road railway station:

This was deliberate. I didn’t just happen upon this shot. I drew a line from the Shard to the Gherkin and onwards, until I came to some wide open space where it might be possible to see what I actually did see.

Date: July 28th 2012.

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One thought on “Big Things in line (with pylon)”

  1. Comments from wellwishers:


    Hope you are on the recovery real soon now, and I second Rob Fisher in suggesting that rest is never a bad idea.
    Here’s something (vaguely related) to keep you amused while you’re following doctor’s orders:

    Posted by 6000 on 01 April 2015


    Thanks for all the good wishes. I am trying very hard to avoid anything strenuous, and am having lots of daytime sleep.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 01 April 2015


    Great photo, I like these line ups, working near London Bridge I always think about a Monument – Shard line up.

    Get well soon.

    Posted by Runcie Balspune on 02 April 2015

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