Fred joins in with the pilates demonstration

Yesterday all her children joined my Mum at her home for a get-together on her 84th birthday. My sister Daph and I contributed photos, as one does nowadays, some printed out at a shop and others for display on Jesus, and my sister and I took more of all of us. All the printed pictures looked better than we had previously realised with our mere computer screens, both mine of Mum’s garden and Daph’s of her home in West Wales.

By common consent, the winning photo was … :

Daph is demonstrating a stomach muscle strengthening exercise, and Fred the dog decided to join in. Mr Daph quickly got the camera and took the shot.

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One thought on “Fred joins in with the pilates demonstration”

  1. One comment on the original, although it’s not my Mum, it’s Mr Daph’s Mum:

    …and clearly your mom is contemplating – should she be joining them?

    Great picture. Only it’s not a stomach strenghtening exercise, but an “abdominal core alignment”. And Fred really needs to practice more…

    Posted by Tat on 16 May 2008

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