Isolating those epitaxially deposited transistors

I mentioned here the other day about the extreme difference in interestingness, to me, of the Samizdata technological comments and the political ones.

Even – and maybe that’s especially – when I don’t understand the techno-comments, I often still love them:

Julian Taylor refers to silicon-on-insulator technologies. These have been a holy grail for years in semconductors. It’s not that crystals can be grown in any shape which is the potential advantage (every SOI wafer I have seen is a conventional round flat shape), it’s that the transistors deposited epitaxially on top can be electrically isolated, thus avoiding the parasitic capacitances and other parasitic structures inherent in bulk silicon substrates. However, this is easier said than done . . .

And not that easy to say, I would say.

That was here.

Maybe someone will elucidate, here or there.

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