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Anyway, I am now still at the stage of fiddling about with the new arrangements, and deciding what to put as the slogan at the top. The first draft of this bit went as follows:

Ingenium nulla olim nisl tincidunt appellatio minim nisl interdico luptatum proprius molior sino sit antehabeo. Haero duis luptatum fatua ille virtus minim rusticus augue.

Where did this habit come from, of chucking great chunks of Latin at typographical activity? Presumably the idea is to have text that shows what text looks like, in a general way, without confusing you with text that has a meaning. When, I wonder, did that start?

So, not a dramatic first post. But I read somewhere once that when Hitler was making one of his big soccer stadium speeches, he didn’t pitch straight in with Germany! Germany! stuff, but instead mumbled and hemmed and hawed, and gradually felt his way into it.

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One thought on “First post”

  1. Three welcoming comments on this:

    As always, Wikipedia knows the answer.

    Looking forward to a resumption of service, after the demise of the culture & education blogs.

    Posted by Malcolm on 11 July 2005

    Good to see you back. That is right about Hitler, but “Deutschland” sounds much more dramatic than “Germany”.

    Posted by Alice on 16 July 2005

    Great to see you blog again.. on your own blog! Will add to my blogroll immediately.

    Posted by Adriana on 19 July 2005

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