Tokyo – an aerial photo and a comparative map

Luka Ivan Jukic:

There’s cities, there’s metropolises, and then there’s …:

… Tokyo.

It’s that mountain at the back that really makes this photo. That and the extraordinary amount of architectural detail.

And then, from the responses, there’s this:

A century ago, London was, or so my TV told me last night, the biggest city on earth.

I blame the Green Belt. This belt (noose?) should be converted into a ring of parks, all surrounded by more London.

One thought on “Tokyo – an aerial photo and a comparative map”

  1. I think some sleight of hand is involved here. Greater London is a governmental unit. The Greater Tokyo in the map isn’t… well, not really. The “official” Tokyo i.e. the Tokyo prefecture, has a population of some 12m.

    Still lots of people. Not that if feels like it.

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