The Royal Marsden and its money

One of the things Patrick Crozier and I talked about in our latest Recorded Conversation is how the Royal Marsden Hospital is more mixed economy than pure NHS. It supplies services to the NHS, but is its own boss.

And surely the reason for this is that it possesses a vast flood of charitable money, as gratefully noted on the walls of the Piano Room, here:

Those are the biggest donors. (I did some notPhotoshopping there, to make the names less impossible to read.) And here:

Still big, but not so big.

My favourite, because I have a dirty mind, is the “Lady Garden” Foundation, top photo, bottom right. This sounds like something comedian Jimmy Carr would talk about.

7 thoughts on “The Royal Marsden and its money”

  1. In drawing attention to the name “Lady Garden Foundation”, you give evidence, I think, of a sense of humour rather than a dirty mind (or perhaps both) – but they thought of it first. Lady Garden is not, in this instance, a person. The name really is, and was intended to be, a reference to the gynaecological area with which the charity is concerned.

  2. David, is quite right. It is also the case however that there is a Lady Garden who is a Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords.

  3. Funny you should mention him, Michael, because I had just been wondering what the equivalent Foundation would be if it was interested in the masculine equivalent of the Lady Garden. I now nominate “Lord Adonis Foundation”. Hm, could do better.

    I think it fair to mention that Lord Adonis’s surname always was Adonis, was it not? Andrew Adonis? He didn’t just call himself Adonis when he got old.

  4. And to be fair to her, Lady Garden became that way by marrying Baron Tim Garden, though she is now a Baroness in her own right.

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