Completely asymptotic and no comorbities

Someone wanted their tweet to be thoroughly noticed. I must be one of many thousands of pedants already LOLing at these spelling errors:

Our President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID-19, however, rest assured they are both fine and completely asymptotic. The President is in very good health and has NO comorbities.

I worry that when Trump does bow out, not enough people will be around who understand how he did what he did, and we’ll be back to “Presidentical” Republicans being either thrashed or turned by the Democrats. But this Ronny Jackson guy has clearly mastered one of his master’s techniques. Spell something wrong, and the retweeting by your enemies goes through the roof. They can’t help themselves. And your message spreads like it never would have if you’d spelt everything right.

And I won’t be the only one saying all that either.

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