He just walks it off and goes straight into the pub

Here, via David Thompson.

As a commenter comments: adrenalin is a wonderful thing. Because actually, as another commenter reports:

“Mr Smith suffered two fractures to his shoulder and ribs, as well as some internal bruising.”

The psycho bus driver has been “sentenced”. Mostly to never being allowed to drive a bus ever again, I devoutly hope.

Seeing this reminds you of how well and how carefully most bus drivers do drive.

3 thoughts on “He just walks it off and goes straight into the pub”

  1. Truly, that’s a shocking video. I suspect that despite getting up and going straight into the pub, the poor man is going to be traumatised for years.

  2. Yes, I’m amazed how everyone talks about the guy who got hit, but almost nobody seems to care wtf the driver of the damn bus thought he was doing.

    Even if there’d been nobody there, the way he was driving should have seen him fired, and also fired from ever driving anything for a long, long time. And a bus, never again. Never.

    Since he was “sentenced”, that means his only excuse, that his brakes failed, did not apply.

  3. From the various reports I read on this, it appears he went round a corner a little too fast, then tried to hit the brake but put his foot on the accelerator instead of the brake.

    Terrible driving, and yes, he should never be allowed to drive a bus again. Bus drivers are taught to drive buses incredibly conservatively and defensively, for very good reasons. And almost all of them do. But the man was also very lucky – having killed someone through negligence is something he doesn’t have on his conscience.

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