KC Gandhi squeak a win

Churchy just tweeted this:

He doesn’t say where he found it.

Having got to a thousand, Dhanawade then wanted to dig in and make it a big thousand. But he was cruelly cut short, just as he was getting into his stride.

Well, no. Proper report here. Happened way back in January 2016. I vaguely heard about this, or read about it and forgot, or something. Nice to nail it down.

2 thoughts on “KC Gandhi squeak a win”

  1. His captain didn’t declare when he got to a thousand, though, but let him get to 1009.

    Also, 1009* off 327 balls. That’s a boundary off something like two thirds of those 327 balls. Didn’t his muscles get tired?

  2. The captain was just toying with him. Getting his hopes up. Then, he crushed them.

    As for his muscles, I’m guessing: rather short boundaries.

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