Different animals getting along with each other

My computer is misbehaving, added to which I have been busy doing other things. So just a couple of tweets for today, both concerning one of the things the internet really likes, namely: different brands of animals being nice to each other.

A monkey caresses some puppies. Although, a cynical commenter thinks maybe he’s just checking out how much meat they have on them. Fair to say, though, that the monkey looks like he’s doing just what humans, who mostly don’t have in mind to eat puppies, do with puppies.

A human and a dog play a game. The one where you have to remove a wooden piece from a tower, without knocking over the tower. The dog is very good at it. There seems no limit to what dogs will do to keep our attention and gain our approval.

2 thoughts on “Different animals getting along with each other”

  1. Dear Brian,
    I think we knew each other many years ago. Would you be the BM associated with the Libertarian Alliance? I think my mother, Jillian, is anxious about a mutual acquaintance. If you would care to drop me an email, I shall forward it on to her so she can get in touch with you directly. If you are not the BM I knew, apologies!
    Madeleine Westrop nee Becker

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