An e-scooter obliges me by stopping

For some time now I’ve been wanting to exhibit a photo here, of an e-scooter. Any e-scooter. Trouble is, e-scooters have a way of e-scooting by and being gone, before I can get my camera out and functioning.

But this evening, that changed. Yes the e-scooter scooted by, but then it stopped, at one of the local shops, and parked itself outside:

It’s not the best photo you’ll ever see, but that’s not my point. My point is, that’s an e-scooter, and I’m starting to see them around, quite a lot. Even though riding them on public roads or pavements is apparently still illegal.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, this photo was taken with the permission of its rider. This guy wasn’t behaving like he knew he was breaking any law. At the time, I had no idea about such a thing either.

I don’t know, but I can well imagine a quite near future, for places like London, where e-scooters are having a noticeable impact on transport, especially by commuters, while more elaborate technologies, like robot cars, continue to be Just About To Happen Real Soon Now but still not actually happening. E-scooters, unlike robot cars, already work perfectly adequately. All that’s needed is for the law to catch up, and for cycle lanes and general non-car areas to keep spreading.

A particular plus from where I stand, on the pavement, e-scooters are definitely less scary than rogue cyclists

The thing about bikes is that using them is rather strenuous, and bikes are a bit hard to store. E-scooters are basically vehicles you stand still on, and are surely far easier to store. Next to your desk basically.

E-scooters look to me like a transport technology that is just about to happen. Soon, as opposed to Real Soon Now. I will continue to try to photo these gizmos. Preferably during the hours of daylight, and with people on board.

2 thoughts on “An e-scooter obliges me by stopping”

  1. Great idea and fine picture for it.
    You got the keys to e-scooter correct:
    1) The tech is here, functioning now. (I still want a bigger standing platform for two feet.)
    2) Most places have bike laws that can be applied to e-scooters, tho being on the sidewalk with just a few walkers is preferred. Being in a bike lane is better than on a pavement crowded with walkers.
    3) Scooters are less scary, and slower, and have less dangerous momentum, than bikes.
    4) Scooters are much much easier to store (tho bigger platforms makes it worse.)

    4b) Scooters are reasonably easy to get on trains or busses or trams with — so in an expanded bus/subway system with more “no car” zones, the last 500 meters from a stop to your final destination increases the usability of mass (gov’t) transportation.

    5) In the rain, you get less wet because you’re in the rain for less time, tho it’s more slippery. It’s mostly better than being on a bike, tho there are cases where it’s worse due to puddles.

  2. Tom

    Great to hear from you. And thanks for confirming my guesses. Sounds like you’ve given it at more thought than I have.

    Happy Christmas to you and yours.

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