Dirty Land Rover in Soho

Yes, this is something you don’t often see in the middle of London:

You see plenty of Land Rovers in London. But not dirty Land Rovers.

Photoed by me in Dean Street, yesterday evening.

I wonder what the story of this particular Land Rover was. By which I mean: How did it get so dirty?

Perhaps it’s the latest hipster fad. Have a Land Rover, and periodically spray it with mud, so you look like … you aren’t what you are. Well, no, I actually think there probably was a good rather than stupid reason for this vehicle looking the way it did.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Land Rover in Soho”

  1. That does actually look like mud has been sprayed onto it. If it had got muddy by driving then the source of the mud would have been spray from the tyres, but on this one it looks lie the mud is running down the wheel arches in lazy dribbles, rather than up from the tyres in streaks.

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