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The final full day of The Great Heatwave of 2018 was two days ago, on August 7th. August 8th was a couldn’t-make-up-its-mind day, and today was a could-make-up-its-mind day, and it made up its mind to be cold and wet and generally horrible, perhaps in honour of the Lord’s Test between England and India, today’s first day of which was totally rained off. One day, magic beams will rise up into the sky from around the boundaries of all major cricket games and will divert the rain into giant vats, also on the boundary, and play will proceed no matter what the weather beyond the ground. (Such devices will also transform global agriculture, and make the entire population of the world obese.)

So, as I was saying, two days ago was the last day of the Heatwave, and maybe it was this heat which cause this lady to be wearing, in a street near me, this headgear:

This lady looked normal enough, apart from the headgear. I made no secret of the fact that I was photoing her, and she clearly saw me doing this and didn’t seem to min. Or maybe she was concentrating on her phoning and actually didn’t see me. Either way, I waited until her face was hidden.

The sane explanation for the headgear was the heat. And honestly, I do believe that this was what it was for. That heatwave really was very hot.

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One thought on “Interesting headgear”

  1. Friday Nigh Smoke explains:


    She was having highlights put in her hair; aluminium foil is a cheap and effective barrier to bleach getting on the wrong bits of hair or on clothing

    Posted by Friday Night Smoke on 11 August 2018



    Thanks for that. She looked so sensible that I was sure there was a sensible explanation. And I think something to do with hairdressing did occur to me. Obviously not firmly enough.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 11 August 2018

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