Trafalgar Square lions

When you think of lions in Trafalgar Square, you think of lions like this one, as photoed by me, in January 2015, at the Charlie Hebdo demo:

But one of my favourite lion in Trafalgar Square photos, which I took in April of 2014 but never got around to putting here until now, was this one:

I think it’s the leather handbag that makes this so good. This is a lion quietly going about her business (it feels like a her despite the mane), not conquering the world or even aggressively promoting anything. She’s just out shopping. She does have a rather startled expression on her face, but that’s because she’s being photoed. She’s not angry you understand, just surprised that anyone should be interested in photoing her. “Ooh, hello dear! Are you photoing me? I hope I’m looking my best.” And maybe a bit scared that I might have designs on her bag.

More seriously, I like to photo, and to show here, faces where face recognition is not an issue.

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