Sickness and sunset

Being sick as in feeling sick, and occasionally being sick as in being sick. As in expelling stuff I had previous eaten from my mouth.

Quota photo time:

There was so much light crashing across London from west to east that evening the eastern clouds were lit up pink, like they were a sunset or something. So I know what you are thinking. It must have been one hell of a sunset to do that. And you are not wrong:

If I wasn’t sick I probably wouldn’t indulge in such a lurid sunset, which I photoed last Saturday evening on Tower Bridge. But I am sick. I can do what I like.

Actually, it’s already getting better. But wish me well anyway.

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    Well anyway, Brian 😉

    Posted by Natalie Solent on 12 April 2016


    Posted by 6000 on 13 April 2016

    Get well soon, Brian. I don’t mind the sunsets.

    Posted by Rob Fisher on 13 April 2016

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