Photographers – photographers with hats (one of the hats being rather scary)

Before and after perusing the remains of that demo I chanced upon yesterday, I was photographing photographers. Here are a few of them:

As you can see from the top left snap, he is photoing Westminster Abbey, and those two dramatic crouching shots, top middle and top right, are of photographers wanting to get the upper reaches rather than the lower reaches of Westminster Abbey in the background behind their friends.

Several quite good additions to the Interesting Hats sub-directory there, especially the gent, middle left, who looks to me like he’s in The Hunt For Red October. Is he being post-modern and ironic? Or does he, perchance, actually mean it? Either way, I don’t like it. I mean, do people now wander around London with swastikas in their hats? But, if you were guessing who the spy was, you’d have to pick the one in the Union Jack hat.

The lady bottom middle is a bit out of focus. But, her hat gets her included nevertheless.

And the gent at the bottom left is not very bald, but he is a bit. He makes it into that sub-directory.

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